Jim's Mirror Making & Grinding Pages

These pages show how to grind a newtonian  telescope mirror and is based on my own mirror making experiences. The technique may be scaled up to make virtually any size and focal ratio of mirror.

Mirror figuring service available
Unable to complete your mirror please call 01245 323128.


A 20 inch F4.6 newtonian built in the garage

This web site is designed to give a general over view on the mirror making process and, to give the budding mirror maker some idea of the work involved. I hope it will not put you off the idea!

1. Theory of mirror making.

2. Materials required and mirror kits.

3. Grinding stages 1,2 & 3.

4. Pitch laps.

5. Polishing.


7. Testing set up

8.  Testing the mirror.

Making your own mirror is a labour of love. It may be cheaper to buy mirror all ready  made,  but making one will teach you a lot about telescope optics and testing.

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