Kelling Heath Sept 2008 CPAC Group Photo


lunar eclipse 3 march 2007
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The Planets Comets & asteroids


 Saturn 2003/04
Jupiter 04
Mars 2003
comets & asteroids
Jupiter 2011
Mars 2012
          Jupiter 2013      

Mars 2007/8
Mars 2010

CPAC Persied watch on the Dengie 12/8/2007


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Deep sky images (Messier objects ETC)


Deep- sky images

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Kelling heath april 2005


Equinox star party

The Sun
These images of the sun taken on 17 Aug 2002 at 1400hrs show a huge sunspot, the spot was clearly visible to the naked eye looking through a mylar filter.


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The pictures where taken using eyepiece projection (32mm) on a ETX 105 with a canon A20b digital camera and a solar screen filter. Click on picture for a bigger view.

 Never look at the sun through a telescope, or with the naked eye, it will cause irreversible damage and blindness.

The Moon

Total eclipse of the moon
using Kodachrome 200 slide film

Images taken with a 6 inch f5 Orion, Newtonian


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Saturn just before
 Saturn going
 Saturn returning
 Saturn fully emerged

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Pictures taken with a 12 inch F4 Home made Newtonian


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Coat hanger



Light pollution hall of shame.


The  Lights of William de Ferrers Sports Field. South Woodham Ferrers Chelmsford.
The lights not only illuminate the night sky and waste valuable energy,
they are also a danger road users approaching the roundabout.


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Light pollution in Europe
This map shows were to escape the effects of light pollution!
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